About Exponent Entertainment

Exponent is defined as a person or thing that expounds, explains, interprets or a person or thing that is a representative, advocate, type, or symbol. This definition produced the brain child of two savvy intellectual music lovers, Exponent Entertainment. Ccelli and Jodie have set out to unite the entertainment world. Their strategy is to educate artists on the various business aspects of the entertainment industry and arm them with the knowledge they need to propel their career on any path they chose.

Their uniqueness lies in systematic detail, acute planning, preparation, and utilization of each resource the industry offers. That is the meaning behind the logo, breaking ideas down into their purest form and building them up even stronger with more power. It is meant to resemble an element from the periodic table, a substance in its purest form that can not be broken down, only built up and brought “to the next power”.

It began as a working relationship at Blakout Records based out of South Jersey. President Ccelli and Marketing/PR Manager Jodie, spent most evenings at local events talking about ways to revolutionize the entertainment industry. After launching the I-95 tour in New Jersey, it was apparent they had a knack for promotions, negotiation and networking. During that time, it became clear that unity needed to be encouraged in Philadelphia, especially within the hip hop community. Over time, that idea evolved into the birth of an innovative concept that would create a structured hip hop union. This union would fuse artists together to support each other through each element of hip hop and create power among the collective mass.

Exponent Entertainment is a management company for some of the leading artists in the area. Through guidance, persistence, and motivation; Ccelli and Jodie are masters at bringing people together and helping artists collectively achieve their goals. Their area of expertise lies in directing careers; from graphics, artist image, public relations, booking, contractual negotiations to song selection, production, and distribution. Exponent Entertainment is solidifying itself to be a leading force in the independent music scene.

Exponent Entertainment has joined forces with some of the most renowned names in the area; DJ NoPhrillz, Bad Boy Recording Artist E. Ness, Reed Dollaz, Joey Jihad, Jay Griffy and Rich Quick. Exponent Entertainment vows to always support local music and give artists the ability to be self-sufficient in their endeavors. Exponent Entertainment is a revolution in the entertainment industry, … to the next power.

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